Screen Time in the Car Is Hurting Our Toddlers

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“Mommy, why can’t we have a car like [fill-in-the-name] does? So we can watch movies while you drive?”

I almost slammed on the brakes and snapped my head around, screaming while mid-highway. It was probably the 15th time I was asked that question in a week, and my patience was nearly shattered.

“Because,” I repeated again, in my go-to auto-tone, “It’s not good for your brains. My job as a mommy is to make sure your brains grow right, and watching movies every time we get in the car makes your brains grow wrong.”

Toddler moms, I’m offering my rash (but experienced) perspective to you: Even if you refuse to give up screen time in restaurants (you already know how I feel about that), at least make the car a screen-free zone. Screen time in the car is diminishing our kids’, toddlers’ and babies’ abilities to develop in a healthy way. This isn’t “sanctimommy” stuff—this is gritty down-home reality, folks.


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