Pregnant Doll Has Moms Giving Serious Side-Eye

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Using a doll to explain to kids where babies come from, or what pregnancy is, doesn’t seem like a bad idea on paper. But now that the doll has become a reality, parents are kind of wishing a pregnant pseudo-Barbie was never conceived of in the first place.

Not only is the doll pregnant, but the baby (and Mom’s belly) is removable! (Uh … we know C-section rates can be high, but we didn’t realize it was 100 percent.)

As an “educational toy,” it’s not exactly anatomically correct—and we’re not just talking about the extremely thin legs. Talk about some serious thigh gap!

Really, all it takes is one look and you’ll see what’s so creepy about it.

The plastic doll started making waves last week after a photo of it surfaced on a Latest Dealsforum, where comments ranged from “that’s a bit scary” and “that’s horrid, shouldn’t be for little kids” to “I’d heard about these but thought they were a joke!”


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