THE KIDS To the Mom of the Special Needs Child Who Received That God-Awful Letter

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Dear Ms. Bradenburg,

Having two daughters with sensory issues makes for a noisy home. Within moments of waking, one child starts humming and rocking on the sofa for sensory input. The other soon becomes aggravated by the metronomic sound and screams for it to stop. My husband and I have learned to tune it out, but even with this small mercy, I drink in silence like a parched marathon runner at the end of the race. I was gulping down the early morning, pre-kid tranquility when I came across your viral post on my Facebook feed.

I want to say I cried when I read how devastated you were to receive a letter from another parent, asking that your child, who has several developmental issues, no longer interact with theirs. How they were worried that by simply playing with your son, his disability would hold their son back in “comprehension, life, his communication, socialization and learning level”—just to name a few. The last line of the letter was the real kicker: “Please keep your son away from ours, so ours are not picking up the idea that playing with toys or watching cartoons younger than his is OK.”

You were understandably heartbroken to receive such a cruel letter and I’m sure many people read your words and cried.

But I wasn’t one of them.


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