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If you’re the kind of person whose idea of winter is hibernation, lots of TV and frequent crying, you might suffer from the winter blues. While a little of all that isn’t a bad thing, falling into a seasonal depression can wreak havoc on your life. You can avoid it if you start making changes now, before the sadness seeps in. Since the days are still long (enough), these changes will pay off in the year’s shortest days.

Start by getting up with the sunrise. This maximizes your exposure to the daylight hours. The move also makes you feel less guilty for going to sleep early, which you might have done anyway through winter.



Make waking up a gentle affair. You may have convinced yourself that you need annoying alert sounds to roust you from deep sleep, but studies show a gentle wake-up leaves you feeling more rested, once you do finally stop hitting snooze. Find one that’s pleasant and ever increasing in volume to gently nudge you out of your slumber.






Start your day with a short exercise that beats back the doldrums of cold, slushy mornings: Sit down and give thanks. This can be in whatever form you want—a note on your phone, a document on your laptop, a scrap of paper next to the coffeemaker. Acknowledge five things you have to be thankful for. Then go get started on your day.






If you know you get depressed over the winter, go and see your doctor. She may recommend light therapy or even antidepressants, depending on how severe you say things get as well as your history. If you haven’t had a checkup, that would also be a good time to get some blood work done to make sure your iron and hormone levels aren’t contributing to malaise.







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