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Deep in the heart of the Italian Alps is a company passionate about creating pure & wholesome confections for all the world to love.


Loacker is made with love, craftsmanship and only the finest ingredients, deep in the heart of the Dolomites. With an uncompromising approach to high quality ingredients, Italy’s #1 wafer cookie is sure to become America’s!


Introducing one of Italy’s most cherished pairs, the crisp #PureGoodness of Loacker wafers and the refreshing flavor of Gelato!


Discover the refined wafer specialities by Loacker! These flavors are perfect for summer.

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It was over 90 years ago that the Loacker brand started in the little confectionery shop of Alfons Loacker in Bolzano, Italy. To this day we have been true to our original ideal. In manufacturing our products in the heart of the Italian Alps, 1000 meters above sea level, we focus precisely on the most important element for us: the pure quality of our products.